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Every Customer’s business wants and needs are unique.

This is especially true in the area of software requirements needed to intelligently and efficiently run their business.

At Thyme Technologies, we have a team of experienced developers with expert Microsoft Applications development skills that are able to develop custom modules integrating with your Sage Pastel Product or as Stand Alone applications delivering the specific functionality your company requires.

We can provide both Desktop and Web solutions to your individual and specific needs. From a simple text file import application to a total Web based operational solution, no project is too big or too small. Microsoft .Net is our chosen development platform, using C# and


Thyme Technologies created Spotter to give your team quick access to your customer information.
This application allows your team to look at the customer and supplier database information without
being logged into Sage 200 Evolution. If you battle with the number of licenses available or the irritation of logging in just for a client’s phone number or address, then Spotter is what you need. The Spotter application gives you two search functions. You can view your customers in a Quick view screen and an advanced search. The multi-view allows you to search for any customer on your database. This search function allows you to search using a phone number, address, name, industry etc.  This search function is perfect for your sales and admin team.

 If your sales team is visiting a client, type in the road name and Spotter will tell you who else is in the area.
 You can search for words in the company name or description, search for a plumber and all the plumbers on your database will show in the search.
 If someone calls in and you only got their name, it will search the data and bring up every person with that name.  From the search you can double click on a single company to take you to the Quick view
window. You can download any search you have done and export this list to Excel. 

Quick View:
The quick view gives you a snapshot of the customers window inside evolution. This will
show you the client’s details, contact details, address, account information etc.
From this quick view you can search via the customer name giving you the customer info

 From this quick view you can search via the customer name giving you the customer
info immediately. Spotter is a pre-built application, but the User-defined fields can be customised to your
business. To customise the application will be an additional fee.


Thyme to take Control of your Sage 200 Evolution software. Get to work every day and get an in-depth look into your business. Start your day by getting a general overview of what occurred yesterday as well as changes on your Sage 200 Evolution software, with a variance report and audit trail. Thyme Control reports were originally written to show managers and business owners what was happening in the back end of your software. Staff are getting smarter and more tech-savvy, they are able to hide mistakes or deliberate changes they have made to your data which affects your company. The software was created to detect any fraudulent activity on your software. These control reports become so well received by business owners that we decided to give them
extra value and so we created the daily dashboard to give you the power to manage your team better. See what your sales team did yesterday, find out what credit notes were done the day before. These reports give you a detailed overview of your financials and it allows you to act immediately and not at month end.


The client wanted to be able to create Annuity Billing transactions by using UDF fields set for Customers. The application can also change the values used for the Annuity transactions by a use of an import and export CSV feature. The application can create a Debit Order file to allow users to send it to the bank. The application can create payments and bank fee transactions by using and edited version of the file received from the bank. The last phase of the application is to send out the Annuity Billing Invoices and statements.

 What software it runs off: Evolution


Price Updater: Allows a user to update their UDF prices for the contracts.

 The client will select the increase month.

Groups or/and Item Codes can be selected.

The Customer Accounts shown on a grid according to the groups or items selected.

Export the grid into a CSV file and fill in the new prices.

Import the CSV document into the application.

Fill in the Percentage increase.

Process the price increase.

 Annuity Billing:

Allows a user to create contract transactions according to the month chosen by the user. The transactions get created according to the UDF’s details specified for each customer.

 Allows for a client to choose a month for the processing of transactions.

The application reads through the Main table (Customer, Fixed Assets, etc) UDF fields.

Processes the transactions according to the values that are in the UDF’s.

 Debit Order Run:

Allows a user to create a Debit Order file according to the transactions created in the Annuity Billing Application.

Allows a user to choose a month.

Choose the Debit Order run day (1st, 15th, 31st, etc).

The release date gets automatically set according the Month and the run day.

Choose the location of where the file will be created.

File gets created for the user to upload or to send to the bank

 Debit Order Receipting

Allows a user to take the edited version of the file received from the bank which contains all the successful flagged lines, to create payments for the transactions created in the Annuity Billing application.

 Allows the user to select the file that contains the successful lines from the bank

Choose the run month that was used for the Annuity Billing

Process the transactions

 Bank Fee Invoices

Allows the user to create the bank fee transactions for the failures.

 Import the file that contains the failures

Process the transactions

 PDF Invoice Generator

Allows the user to send out customized PDF Annuity Billing Invoices to customers.

 Setup the email Settings (Subject, Body, etc)

Select the run month that was used for the Annuity Billing

Click generate to choose the location of where you want the PDF invoices to be created

The application sends the invoices out

 PDF Statement Generator

Allows the user to send custom designed PDF statements to clients according to the run month selected

 Setup the email Settings (Subject, Body, etc)

Select the from date and the to date

Click generate to choose a location of where the PDF statements will be created

The application sends the statements out


Most companies are still using the Default forms that carry the same design across their different documents. Companies using the same software all often look the same. In 2018 documents and forms design has evolved beyond pretty colours and logos.

 Remember back in the day when businesses used to physically print invoices for a client? They were transported and stored in invoice files and put a dent on the bottom line due to paper, storage and ink costs. Because of this, invoices were black and white and generally stock standard, with little customisation or design. Now that most people email invoices, this has changed, and invoices are easier on the eye, including adding colour and a company branding. All accounting software comes with a default set of forms which print to Customer and Supplier documents, PDFs (required when e-mailing quotations, purchase orders, invoices, etc.) and monthly documents (statements and remittance advice). There is no better way to achieve crossselling and upselling than by advertising on a document that is guaranteed to be sent to a customer!

Things you can add to a form:

Link to your website or a landing page with a special you are running

Social media links Images on the invoice page

Add a 2nd page with images, content and website links

Add a contract that incorporates the rates from the invoice.

Add Zapper and Sage Pay payment portals that pick up the value of the quote, invoice etc.

 The functionally built into these reports allows you to add your own user design fields to your forms that mirror your database, creating continuance in your branding. You are now able to use smart forms. Our smart forms allow you to select the product you are selling and that form will print including product brochure or anything you want that product to have. You can select up to 4 different layouts on one form. Because these forms are PDF’s they are mobile responsive as all our smartphones can open a PDF. Your software just got smarter, don’t you think its Thyme to get your company smarter too? Get smart today and see how forms design can help increase sales in your business.


If you are using Sage 200 Evolution and you have customers that pay you, then this application is for you. We have joined forces with Zapper and created an application integration that will allow your customers to pay using zapper directly from your quotes, invoice or statements.

Now this was available before yes but it didn’t have these features:

  • The value from the quote, invoice and statement pulls through to the Zapper transaction
  • The payment will reflect the Quote, Invoice or statement number on your bank statements making it easy for you to track.
  • When the customer pays it will show them on their proof of payment that they paid your company.

So why do you need this?

Give your clients more than one option to pay you.

You are now able to offer credit card payments to your clients.

Improve your cash flow by giving your customers instant access to pay you straight away.

 This is so easy to set up

You create a free account with Zapper.

We will install the Zapper application

Modify your forms design and then you are off.



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